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Best of 2018 | Behind the Scenes



Our Behind the Scenes from 2018

Hey everyone! Jordon here taking over for, as who better to take hold of the Behind The Scenes blog than the person who really sees it all…

There are soo many words and images we can use to describe our wonderful job and everything that happened for us and our couples in 2018.

We all know an image speaks a thousand words.

As you have followed our story, you know that Shauna does a great job of telling our #CooneyCouples’s amazing stories….

But what you don’t see is all of the awkward (unless you are there first hand to witness it all). And if you were there, then you know our futures are bright.

But then again… so is the Florida sun.

From Florida beaches to luxury golf courses… the Sun always seems to find us…

And those Tampa Bay Area beaches and golf courses weren’t the only places we were blessed to shoot at in 2018, as we were grateful to shoot in Key West.

(Yes. It is in Florida. But when you have to drive 8 hours to get there, then it is a destination wedding. 😂)

Key West, Florida

The mountains of North Carolina

And if you know is, then  you know for us… you can’t beat the views of a brewery!

(Don’t worry- we didn’t leave without trying a sample or two. 😉)

Wherever we go, we make sure to bring Julie The Stool-ie with us.

But no matter where we are, we like to follow the inspiration of Donna Summer and “Work Hard for the Money”…

No matter where that takes us…

No matter what awkward pose that puts Shauna in…

or what muscles we forget we have (until the day after).

And we aren’t the only one’s working hard. Because our #CooneyCouples are seriously so amazing that they are also willing to work hard for the shot, and trust in us and the process to get “the” location.

And it’s safe to say that they love the end result.

And we bet you can’t guess what Shauna’s favorite dress to wear is… and to prevent it from getting too worn, we went back and purchased three more in different colors. Yep. Same dress. Three colors. (Thanks Express!)

Shauna may be guilty of wearing that dress on multiple occasions (seriously, you should count how many times that dress makes an appearance in this blog), but I’m guilty of stepping onto the dance floor. Once that song comes on, I can’t not move to the beat!

And though we may have dress obsessions and an inability to stay off the dance floor for a song or two… something we are even more guilty of is lending a hand.

Whether it’s our #ShaunaLynneBrides who need it….

… our #JordonLeeGrooms who need it…

… or our #CooneyCouples who need it.

(But of course, the groomsmen almost always need it the most. Especially when it comes to their boutonnières. Don’t worry though, Shauna’s got your back.)

And the assists to our couples, bridal parties, and families doesn’t stop there. We always want everyone to look their best in their photos. Like in our signature #CooneyCouple’s veil toss.

And guys.. I’m going to go ahead and toot my own here, and say that the veil toss is something I will gladly add to my resume.

Shauna is still practicing… I’m not too sure her resume is ready for it yet…

And it’s not just veils either. Check out this blanket tossing ability. (The key? Don’t break eye contact.)

We always are working our hardest to make sure our couples look their best- which usually means that we don’t look the cutest after a day of veil tossing, dress fluffing, hair pinning, sweat blotting, and thousands of steps on Juilia the Stool-ia.

And well.. the end result? Usually a bit love, smiles, and sweat that can occasionally show up in a test shot… or two…

And test shots? No big deal. We got more.

(Bonus points to you for singing that in your best Ariel voice in your head)…

Sometimes we’re testing exposure (while smelling delicious cake)…

Sometime’s we’re caught off guard…

Sometimes we look like trained models…

And sometimes we look like we don’t belong on this side of the camera… (because we don’t).

From Shauna and her ‘candid’ moments…

Yup.. this is why we make sure our couples are posed eloquently… so they don’t look like a Candid Shauna.

To Jordon’s striking candids…

I mean… nothing is as candid or natural as walking, even it’s towards the camera, right? How could we mess that one up?

Leave it to us to make the natural look unnatural.

OOPS!! I don’t know how that last one made it in! But my wife looks bomb.com in that photo! Must have snuck that one in there while I was killing a bug…don’t worry, I got it. Ain’t no bug gonna ruin our #CooneyCouple’s wedding day!

Meanwhile… I’m thinking that bug was contagious… because this year we had a bit of  baby fever with all of the adorable littles around…

And with such a successful year… all of the the signs pointed…

…to shooting the most epic promotional video for our business.

And with the help if Imagery Wedding Films, we did just that.

But Imagery Wedding Films was just one of the many great vendors we had the pleasure of working with this year. One of our highlights? Working with the same DJ we had at our own wedding (DJ Cory Barron & Co.) on wedding day dance floors and in The Cooney Classroom.

And along with the great vendors and people we got to meet with along the way, there isn’t much that can top watching our #CooneyCouples beginning their love story together. It doesn’t matter where we shot their pictures, because through Shauna’s lens, their love, friendship, and humor constantly radiate through.

We are already a month into 2019, and we cannot believe just how amazing 2018 was. We can already tell that 2019 is going to be one for the books, and the truth? The truth is that it is all thanks to you all and our amazing #CooneyCoupleCommunity.

So thank you to all of you for constantly loving and supporting us.


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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Best of 2018 | Behind the Scenes


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