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The Best of Weddings & Engagements 2017



2017 was a Year for the Books

15 National Publications, over 40 bookings, and over 44,000 images delivered.

Ever bride. Every Groom. Every petal on each beautiful bouquet and every adorable little flower girl. Every last giggle laughed and tear dropped. To put it all into words seems impossible, but to not try seems foolish.

I have been waiting all.year.long. to write this post.

It’s no secret how much Jordon and I love our #shaunalynnebrides and #jordonleegrooms. The way that they love one another. The way that they care for their family and friends first. How they are building a legacy of love, and how they have chosen us to be included in some of the most intimate and memorable moments of their lives. How they love and trust us on their wedding day like no other. How they become some of the most amazing friends that we could have ever asked for.

Our incredible tribe.

We can’t help but to think back on, and cherish, the friendships made with each and every one of our couples this year. We watched you giggle as as we had your groom “go home”.  We watched you take that last deep breath before your first look. We watched you recite your vows to your best friend, and cried with you while photographing your tears. We watched you laugh as your best man danced like there was no tomorrow. We watched you cry with your dad as he toasted to a son-in-law more incredible than he could have ever dreamt of for his daughter. You all have taken us through the most amazing roller coaster of a journey, and we will never be able to thank God enough for putting every last one of our couples in our lives.

You all are more of a blessing than we could ever describe.

Every single tear our couples have shed when they received their gallery, every last thank you, and every single hug we have received from our couples (and their parents) has made every last cup of coffee consumed worth it. Looking at these images reminds us of why we love to do what we do so much… and it is because of all of you.

We cannot wait for what 2018 has in store, all of the amazing couples who will become a part of our family, and all of the top secret plans we have in store. If you are reading this, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Because without you, this incredible family of ours would not be possible.




Cheers to the New Year,

Shauna and Jordon

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The Best of Weddings & Engagements 2017


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