Shauna and Jordon are former educators turned international wedding photographers. As formally trained educators and speakers with over 10 years of teaching experience and 3 years of speaking experience, Shauna and Jordon strongly believe that all education should be research based, highly effective, and applicable.

As speakers, their passion is to educate other business owners so that they can use their framework to create their own successes. Their goal is to provide an action based learning environment where success can be maximized.


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One of the biggest complaints we hear photographers say is that everyone tells them to know who their ideal client is, but no one ever tells them how actually craft packages and proposals so that they can actually book those clients when they come along.

In this interactive breakout session, we share two methods for pricing so that every photographer can walk out of the room with tangible steps and options to reframing their pricing so that they can share their pricing with confidence and pride. 

Breakout: Pricing for Your Ideal Client

One of the biggest mistakes we see photographers make is that they think they know who their ideal client is, but when we work with them to dig a bit deeper, we find that they only have a surface level understanding of who (or what) that is. 

But as photographers, what we do is so deeply emotional that we have to dig deeper and know the core values of our ideal clients. 

But now, you can change that through our reflective, systematic, hands on, and personalized process so that you can stop speaking to the masses, and take the first step in working with the clients who set your heart on fire. 

Breakout Session: How to Identify Your Ideal Client 

A 5-10 minute inspirational talk for business owners on not only the importance of filtering what they see on social media, but also how to practically navigate the difficult decision to "Tap Mute" on people who though they love, aren't serving their hearts or their businesses well on social media. 

Through this talk, we inspire and give permission for them to step out of the shell that is social media, breathe, and confidently protect their minds and their hearts. 

Keynote: Tap Mute

In the words of author Simon Sinek, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." And the truth is, being able to share your why in a way that attracts your ideal client is so important.

When we polled business owners, roughly 80% said they didn't know their "Why" in a way that would attract their dream clients.Because the truth is- as a business owner, your "why" should be your foundation. It sets you apart from other businesses, and understanding your why is absolutely essential to connecting with those ideal clients you keep praying to book. 

You see, if you don't know how to convey your why in a way that will draw your tribe, you can't expect it to magically happen. But with our five step process, you will go from surface level to the deepest of Why's that will revolutionize how you market your business. 

Keynote Topic: Finding Your Why

A glance into our expertise

Signature Talks

- Toni 

The Marketing Method was worth every single penny and I am so glad I took it!

People like Shauna and Jordon in the photography industry are truly inspirational and so incredibly valuable to the rest of us!

It was worth every single penny and I am so glad I took it!

- Emma Christine

Shauna and Jordon's Cooney Classroom was by far the most Hands-On and helpful investment for my photography business thus far! I feel like I always had a why, but Shauna truly helped me understand how much of an impact I can make! They shared such valuable knowledge and dropped so many truth bombs for us. Because they helped me realize my why, my business will be forever changed! Thank you Shauna and Jordon!

My business will be forever changed!

- Alexis Kline

It's so hard to find people in this industry that truly have a good heart and don't look at others as competition. But Shauna and Jordon live to better people's lives.T hank you for being an open book. Thank you for being raw and honest and caring people. I learned so much and I can't wait to sit down and really start making some changes in my business moving forward. All I have to say for anyone looking at Cooney Classroom education is do it.

All I have to say for anyone looking at Cooney Classroom education is do it.

- Dianne

They serve their couples from initial inquiry till... well, forever. And they do the same for their Cooney Classroom students! Being able to ask questions in their  Graduate Facebook group is another huge bonus.

If you are in a place in your business where you know you need to do something huge in order to make that next jump, this is it! Do not hesitate, and prepare to be wowed!!!

They love and serve their students like their clients.

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