Because this isn't really about our story. It is about the future of yours. 

Over the years, we have received so many questions about marketing and building a profitable wedding business. And honestly? It came naturally to us. But what we didn't realize (until receiving email after email and DM after DM) is that what came naturally to us in regards to marketing was information that would be so valuable to others. And then?

Shauna and Jordon Education came to life.

And as former educators, it is our true passion and mission for us to share all of our knowledge and expertise with you so that you too can have a profitable business that brings you an abundance of joy. A business that you can run with confidence (without spending hours upon hours trying to find your success). 

And that? That is what SJ Education is all about. 

Let's build a roadmap to achieve your goals and build your dream business. 

change is possible.

- Toni 

The Marketing Method was worth every single penny and I am so glad I took it!

People like Shauna and Jordon in the photography industry are truly inspirational and so incredibly valuable to the rest of us!

It was worth every single penny and I am so glad I took it!

- Emma Christine

Shauna and Jordon's Cooney Classroom was by far the most Hands-On and helpful investment for my photography business thus far! I feel like I always had a why, but Shauna truly helped me understand how much of an impact I can make! They shared such valuable knowledge and dropped so many truth bombs for us. Because they helped me realize my why, my business will be forever changed! Thank you Shauna and Jordon!

My business will be forever changed!

- Alexis Kline

It's so hard to find people in this industry that truly have a good heart and don't look at others as competition. But Shauna and Jordon live to better people's lives.T hank you for being an open book. Thank you for being raw and honest and caring people. I learned so much and I can't wait to sit down and really start making some changes in my business moving forward. All I have to say for anyone looking at Cooney Classroom education is do it.

All I have to say for anyone looking at Cooney Classroom education is do it.

- Dianne

They serve their couples from initial inquiry till... well, forever. And they do the same for their Cooney Classroom students! Being able to ask questions in their  Graduate Facebook group is another huge bonus.

If you are in a place in your business where you know you need to do something huge in order to make that next jump, this is it! Do not hesitate, and prepare to be wowed!!!

They love and serve their students like their clients.

the reviews

The Coaching Opportunity 

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As former educators, it is imperative that our education is individualized (aka customized), impactful, and applicable. So each mentoring session begins with a questionnaire so we can create the perfect game (or lesson) plan for your mentoring session. These babies might be 60 minutes, but they really pack a punch for your business! 

One-on-One Coaching 


What Coaching Includes

In order to best serve you, before your coaching call, you will complete a questionnaire which will highlight the areas of your concern — from Instargam to editing to workflows to posing — ranked highest to lowest so that we can hand-craft a lesson plan that will maximize your success.


After reviewing your questionnaire, it is time for us to spend some undivided, one-on-one time. Together, we will spend the call customized to your needs. Have questions? We will answer them. Need help creating a game-plan? We will coach you through it. Regardless of your needs, we are here to help you achieve your success.

The Call

This is where technology becomes amazing! Each of our coaching students will four weeks of replay access to  their live call to review, replay, and jot down any notes and action plans that they might have missed. So that during the call? They can be truly present. 

Replay Access

We're here to help you turn your dreams into attainable goals.

The truth of it is... we would never be where we are in our lives at this given moment without education. As educators, we truly know in our hearts that the day that we give up on growing and learning? Well... that will be the day that we give up on our success. 

But what breaks our hearts is seeing so many "fake it till you make it" education out there. Education that overpromises and never delivers. (And honestly? Education that is stolen from other creatives and is just a kind of half-rated version of the original).

Because honestly? We have been there before. So with over 10 years of combined teaching experience (and over 12 years of education in the field) we are here to change the game.

To bring you the education that you deserve so that you can truly uplevel your business. 

Because your dreams are waiting for you.

are you ready?


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