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Light and Airy or Dark and Moody | Why We Edit the Way We Do



Light and Airy or Dark and Moody

There are photographers all over the world. In fact, I bet you can name three photographers you know right now off the top of your head. But here is the thing- no two photographers are the same. The way they pose, the decisions that they make, the way they chose to serve (or not to serve) their clients will all vary from person to person.

When you choose a photographer,

you choose that person to love and serve you and to be included in one of the most intimate and memorable moments of your life. The day that you marry your best friend and begin your legacy of love. (And if you are a #CooneyCouple, that continues even beyond your wedding day with our family.)

“When you choose a photographer, you choose that person to love and serve you and to be included in one of the most intimate and memorable moments of your life”

Here is the thing though, even if you love a photographer, you also have to also love their editing style. After all- it is their editing style that will give you the final look of your images.

With so many stylistic differences out there, it can be so hard to decide what is best for you, and while there are not “right” or “wrong” ways to edit (photography is an art after all). We wanted to take minute to explain exactly why we choose to edit the way we do-

Light and Airy.

When we started our business, determining our “why” critical for us. Our why is the driving force for all of our decisions in our business. Why were we doing what we do as photographers and how can that drive our decision making?

In the end- it was simple.

We are people-centered photographers who believe in the magic that marriage brings. When life gets hard, our couples will always have their images to look back on and feel the indescribably love and passion that they have for one another. So we asked- how would we want to look in our photos? We want to feel beautiful and  to feel the love, happiness,

and friendship that we share.

When we compared having a light and airy style versus dark and moody, the decision became very clear to us- everyone looks a better when edited with a light and airy style- wrinkles are less visible, blemishes nearly dissipate,

and skin glows.

Since we make all of our decisions around what will make our clients happiest, we know that by editing with a light and airy style, our couples will look their best, and when they look their best, they will feel their best.


We also know how important all of the little details are to our brides. Our brides spends hours, days, and months picking out all of the little pieces that will go into the

day that they marry their best friend.

Personally, I have spent countless hours obsessing over the difference between a dusty blue versus cloudy blue. And despite what might seem minimal, it is so important to me that the wedding colors that I obsessed over be documented as accurately as possible. Because I spent so much time researching and finding the perfect bridesmaid dress color.

By editing light and airy, we can stay as true as possible to the colors that our brides and grooms have chosen for their wedding day. In the end- why obsess over shades of blue if in the end it is going to look completely different after editing?

(TIP: This is why some photographers can become a bit hurt when clients use a filter on their photos. Since photographers spend hours obsessing over completing the perfect white balance and image coloring, it can be disheartening for them when their clients completely change all of this with an Instagram filter. Thankfully, Jordon and I  know that our clients mean no harm when they do this because we know just how much they love their photos).

Lastly, we believe that timeless will always trump trendy. Especially when it comes to preserving the beginning of your love story. So that in ten, twenty, and thirty years from now, when our couples look at their authentic wedding images adorning perfectly arranged canvases? They will be grateful that they chose to skip the trends and stick with timeless. Kind of like how our brides’ moms are thankful that opted for that cathedral length veil instead of that lace floppy hat on their big day.



xo Shauna and Jordon

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Light and Airy or Dark and Moody | Why We Edit the Way We Do


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