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Eiffel Tower Proposal | Paris, France



Eiffel Tower Proposal

It had been a long morning, and we just finished touring Notre Dame, but the day was so beautiful, we couldn’t think of any better way to spend it than outside on a walk.

So our 3 mile trek to the Eiffel Tower began.

We walked through the park, admiring the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, and began our climb. Stair after stair. Floor after floor. Jordon admired the views all around the Eiffel (while Shauna actively tried not to look down due to a slightly crippling fear of heights). We reached the second level (and now that Shauna felt safe) we  finally admired the view from atop the Eiffel- together.

It was breathtaking.

So, we began our descend back down to the first floor, went to the cafe, and in true Shauna and Jordon fashion, we enjoy an ice cold brew while taking in the views. After a long day filled with miles upon miles of walking and stairs, we headed over to the elevator to leave the Eiffel.

(Which was honestly a bit odd for us, since we always prefer to take stairs when we can, but because we were so fatigued and so so hungry, we opted for the quicker route).

And thank goodness we did.

Because, you see, had we taken the stairs, we would have been down the stairs descending to the ground level. But because we instead were waiting on the elevator…

We saw it all coming.

Two men squatting down unraveling a large sign- which just so happened to catch Shauna’s eye.

She looked at Jordon, eyes wide, and said, “Jordon! It’s a proposal! HURRY!” And no sooner than as those words left her mouth, Jordon swung around so Shauna could dig into the backpack for the camera.

As they raced down the staircase from the elevator, Shauna adjusted the camera settings.

Just in the nick of time.

And the rest? Well, the rest is history…

And if you’re wondering if we got their contact information to give them the photos, you best believe we totally did!


Until next time friend!


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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Eiffel Tower Proposal | Paris, France


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