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The Profile Picture Debate | Face or Logo?



The Profile Picture Debate

As a photographer, there are so many ongoing decisions to make every single day. What editing style would speak to your ideal client most? What should your contracts say? Which delivery system should you choose? On top of trying to figure out the profile picture debate.

The decisions are endless.

So today, we are hopping on here to weigh in on one decision that seems so small, but at the end of the day can really be impacting your reach on social media.

And that, is your profile picture.

In our Marketing Method Course, we teach our students all about ideal clients and how to identify who they are, find them, and then book them authentically. And one of our favorite lessons we teach in our classroom is that your clients don’t just book you for your work.

They book you for you.

So we want you to take a moment and consider that. You clients book you for you. Yes- they have some photo need. And therefore they were looking for photographers, but when choosing one?

They chose you.

So when perusing social media, which accounts do you think your client will click on and connect with first? The instagram with the scrolls logo (which looks a lot like the other 9 accounts they just looked at), or the account with a profile picture of a real live person standing their smiling at them. Not sure of the answer? Well- we bet you already know the answer to this one from your own experiences.

What kind of accounts are you most likely to follow?

For us and our clients, we know all signs point to showing our faces in our profile picture- like the welcoming doormat of our social media accounts that it is.

So today- we want to give you permission.

Ditch the logo and show your beautiful face in that profile picture. There are so many amazing photographers out there that we love. Wanna know what’s funny though? We have no idea what their logos look like. But their faces? We could recreate those with a sketch artist. (Y’all we can take epic photos, but drawing? #outofourleague).

So ditch the logo for that face of yours.

The profile picture debate has been solved.

Because we promise you that your face will be so much more memorable, personal, and engaging than some font and words.

Until next time!


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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The Profile Picture Debate | Face or Logo?


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