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Best of Engagements and Anniversaries 2019



Best of Engagements 2019

From 30 to 39.

We couldn’t let another year pass without talking about our Best of Engagements in 2019. Last year when we posted our 2018 Best of Engagements blog, we mentioned that somehow, over the year, in addition to all of our weddings, we managed to photograph 30 engagement sessions. And y’all… last year’s schedule had us busy! Well, to what we felt was busy at that point in time.

So when we took a look at this years numbers, only to realize that we went from 30 engagements photographed to 39… well… you could say we were shocked! Because not only were all of those sessions absolutely stunning…

But they took place all over the world.

And in each and every location, our couples love, incredible fashion sense, and friendship truly made every one of the many locations from this year shine. Not only do we love to travel, but our couples love to travel as well. And what better way to travel than with the one whom you love to travel with, and doing exactly what you love to do. Photographing couples who love their best friend in these locations:

The Amalfi Coast. Chicago. Positano. Breckenridge. Capri. Paris. Jekyll Island.

So as we reminisce over the past year and all of the stunning images, what we see isn’t just the incredible locations from around the world. We see trust. We see friendship. We see the beginning of a legacy that, even in some of the worlds most beautiful locations, is truly the most stunning part of the image.

We see Cooney Couples.

So, without further adieu here are (just over 150) of our absolute favorite photos from this year. Because our Cooney Couples? They deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

Enjoy our Best of Engagements 2019.


Shauna and Jordon





Best of Engagements and Anniversaries 2019


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