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Gear and Resources for Photographers

As a starting photographer (and sometimes even as a veteran!) it can be so difficult to find incredible products and resources. The kind of companies that provide the most amazing customer service while going above and beyond in their product or service. We have created a page for our gear and resources for photographers we love!

And when we think back to when we were first starting out, we remember how difficult those decisions were, and even worse- we remember when we chose wrong and it ended up costing us hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars in wasted investments just to switch over later on (we’re looking at you sample albums of past companies!) So today, we want to take a second to share with you our favorite products and resources.

And our favorite part? We are sharing our full gear must-haves with shopable links! Just click here to see all of those over on the best site on the internet (Amazon). 😂 And with Independence Day sales and the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, you might even score some special deals over the next week!

Click Here for the Gear List

But we would be totally filing you if we didn’t also share our favorite resources. The companies and that stand by quality. That go above and beyond for customer service. The ones that we are personally proud to stand by and refer to others. (And the special bonus? We got some amazing discount codes for you as well!)

The Resource List

Client Management System: Dubsado

If you don’t have a client management system, stop, drop, and do some research. We love how Dubsado is always aiming to grow and evolve to be the best they can for their clients, and they have a super responsive customer service team. Now, you might be wondering why we went with Dubsado when many in the industry go with a competitor, and don’t get us wrong, there are some amazing other CRM’s out there! But when starting out, we found that Dubsado did just about everything that their competitors do, and for about half the cost!

20% off the 1st month with the code COONEYCLASSROOM

Album Company: KISS

Okay… where to begin with this one… we have spend hundreds- no thousands– of dollars on sample albums from company after company. Only to be disappointed time and time again by the quality of the work, but then, we met Sean (the owner and founder of KISS) at Showit last year. We met the team. We saw his heart, the quality, and we were sold. And we have never looked back… and we never will.

Get $100 off any purchase of $250+ in KISS Products (valid for Sample Books) with the code KISSCOONEY2019

Publication Submission: Two Bright Lights

Submissions are time consuming. We get it. But Two Bright Lights simplifies all of that by having a system for submissions that truly makes the whole thing so much more painless. Create an album for the wedding, find a submission, and send it on it’s way. And if it gets declined? Easy. Rsbumit that wedding to a new submission in a matter of seconds. (Trust us, this is such a Godsend for our business!)

Get 10% off (New or Upgraded Annual Subscription) with the code SHAUNA


Blogging Software: BlogStomp

Wondering how we make out blog images “stick together” the way they do? Or how we are able to blog for so many of our couples so quickly? Well it’s safe to say that it would be impossible to do without this program. Blogstomp attaches and compresses image for your blog in less than a second with the click of a button.

Get 20% off all regularly priced items with the code COONEYCLASSROOM


Custom Packaging: Packlane

This is our personal secret weapon! If you have seen any of our client gifts that we send out, we have personalized, custom made packaging boxes, and goodness gracious does it add that special wow factor. We searched high and low for a company to do this for us for years and it wasn’t until this year that we found Packlane. If you’re looking to level-up your brand, we promise these do not dissapoint.

Get $25 off Custom Packaging by clicking here.


Pinterest System: Tailwind

Pinterest for business is on the up and up, but like most things in business, being able to automate systems in your business is imperative. (I mean, it’s pretty amazing to schedule Pinterest posts, and to be sitting down watching The Office with a glass of wine in hadn’t while it does the work you scheduled for you. Am I right?) Tailwind allows for you to schedule posts, join tribes, and a whole lot more for your Pinterest marketing plan.

Get one free month by clicking here.


Instagram Marketing: Smarthash

There is no argument over if you should be using hashtags or not. You need to be. And using the same hashtags over and over can hinder your reach. But it is like shooting in the dark trying to figure out which hashtags are working and which ones aren’t. Until Smarthash. You can save specific hashtag sets so in a click of a button, you are able to copy and paste new sets onto your photo, but the best part? The app shows you which hashtags are getting you discovered!  Yes. It tells you which hashtags are working for you and which aren’t! It’s unlike anything else out there and they even offer free educational videos.

Click here from your iPhone to get started!


Photo Software: Photo Mechanic

This product alone saves us hours in our post-wedding workflow! Photo Mechanic is a fast and responsive system that allows for you to save hours when culling your images by pulling the image in a split second (which if you have ever culled in Lightroom before, you know is the biggest struggle ever!) Looking to get hours back in your days? Photo Mechanic is the answer.

Get 10% off at checkout with the code COONEYPM19.


That is our Gear and Resources for Photographers!

We hope you all love these as much as we do! Because we know having this gear and resources list for photographers can help elevate you to where you would like to go.

Click Here for the Gear List

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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