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Why You Need a Strong “Why”



Discovering Your “Why” in Your Business

Discovering your why in your business is a basic, but difficult, step everyone needs to take. As educators, one of the most popular questions we get asked (day and day again) is how we book our incredible Cooney Couples. Ideal Clients. And not just a few here and there, but how we have a calendar overflowing with those couples?

And the truth is, as much as we wish we could write a quick blog on how we do it, there just is no way for us to put the hours upon hours of content from our signature course (The Marketing Method) into a blog post.

Discovering Your Why.

Why are you running your business? Why are you drinking all the coffee and hustling day in and day out? Why are you striving for your business, your baby, to be successful? What makes you keep going, when your soul is shattered and doesn’t want to go any further?

And let us just start by saying that each of us have a multiple why’s. Our personal why. Our financial why. Our creative why. But then, there is the one that is the most important.

The Client Why.

The thing about you and your business that sets it apart from all the others. The things that is unique about you and your business that no one else can replicate. The thing about you that will move your clients so much that they have to work with you. Because this why?

It is the foundation of your business and how you will make every decision hereon out for it.

And before you begin doubting yourself- yes you have one of those magic why’s! We know it is in you! The tick, is figuring it out. Because your why? It will help you to make decisions through your why funnel (more on that in next week’s blog), it will help your clients to connect with you and your business on a personal level, and it will give you a reason beyond yourself to continue pushing forward in your business. Rachel Hollis says that if you’re willing to give up on something- a workout, a new goal, a habit that you are trying to develop…

Then it is because your why isn’t strong enough.

Because if you know your why, and it fuels the fire in your soul, then when the going gets tough… your why is what will keep you going. One more mile. One last cup of water. One final e-mail.

It is the foundation of your business- your why won’t let you give up.

But the truth is, if figuring out your why was easy- we all would have it, right?  Well, that is where we are here to help. Because in our free Five Day to Why Challenge, we are not only giving away free content from our Marketing Method Course, but we also invite you into our online virtual classroom where we give you specific hands-on advice as we move through the challenge- together.

Challenges happen a few times a year, so be sure to click here to know about our next challenge!



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Why You Need a Strong “Why”


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