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The Cooney Classroom | Fall 2018 | Clearwater, FL



The Cooney Classroom

Earlier this year… we had an idea for The Cooney Classroom. The idea to tell everything we know. The secrets that have helped us launch this amazing business from ground zero to full time in just 6 months flat. With not just any couples either. With #cooneycouples. Couples who love and appreciate us, and who trust us to love and serve them. Couples who make a difference in this world, and who become our friends.

And then… the idea grew.

What if we did more than just host a “traditional workshop”? The kind where people talk at you all day. Where you leave with all this knowledge…

but no idea on how to implement them.

And as you think of all the things you need to do at the end of the day… you feel instantly overwhelmed as the anxiety of knowing you need to make changes, but not knowing what those changes are, or how to accomplish them begin to fill your chest.

What if we changed the game?

What if instead of a workshop… we hosted a classroom. Where instead of talking at business owners, we personally helped them create action plans,

and where hands-on learning was the focus instead of non-stop listening.

A place where we poured our hearts and passion into other photographers so they can make a difference in their clients’ lives. A classroom that was designed for small group, individualized instruction… because we know that each business and its needs are unique.

A classroom where friendships are made.

And not just any classroom.. a classroom help by two former teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience (from teaching inside the classroom to begin an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director). Teachers who are also leaders. A classroom held by two people who genuinely care about those who enter it.

The Cooney Classroom.

And then… December came, and y’all, we are so thankful for these 10 amazing women. To have met them, learned from them, and watch them grow? It has truly been an experience that we will never forget.

The Cooney Classroom. The first of many.

You guys- these attendees are literally amazing. We had classroom attendees from Michigan, to Pennsylvania, to Kentucky, to New York, and all the way to Canada! Serioulsy- these #bossbabes threw away any and all excuses the could have made to not come, put their business first, and made it happen. We are already so proud of all of them! And we are already seeing huge changes in their businesses!

Just four days after the classroom!

(And yes, we do a little happy dance every time we notice the changes they’re making!) 👏🏻

The Cooney Classroom began bright and early, and y’all we were so ready to get the day going! But we of course couldn’t begin without first giving out attendees some adorable swag!

Seriously- how cute are these Box Fox’s?!

And would you believe me if I told you that there was another Shauna at the classroom? (And if you’re wondering… Yes. We are basically soul sisters!)

Caffeine? Check. Cute Snowman? Check. 80 Degree weather? Check. #FloridaLiving!

After headshots, we jumped right into teaching. Did we have fun?


Shauna prepped the models for the first styled session. (AKA making sure we hide all the clips, because y’all we know ain’t nobody got time to edit those out!) 😂

The Cooney Classroom – Styled Session #1

While Jordon literally held the fort down. Apparently Florida forgot that it isn’t Chicago and decided to have record high winds for the day. While we were on the beach. No big deal. 😂

But our classroom attendees rocked it out regardless of the wind.

And Shauna assisted in some of our all time famous veil swoop photos!

Clearly we should have been the models for the day. 💁🏻‍♀️

Meanwhile, Shauna sang a romantic rendition of “Can you Paint with All the Colors of the Wind” while getting in a shoulder workout holding the veil for that swoop for all 10 photographers. 💪🏻

Showing off their skills at photographing bomb.com (😉) details for their clients.

And then the attendees lead a bit of the posing section. We’re pretty sure Naomi needs to make a course on “How to make your groom laugh his face off”. Seriously y’all. And if she does make one? Buy it. She’s so good!

Also- with how cute Heather looks here… we’re questioning which one is the one modeling? 🤔

Clearly Shauna wasn’t at all excited about the photos from the Classic Black Tie Styled Session. 😉

And here’s a peek into that goodness that Shauna was showing Alyssa. 😍👇🏻

Then we headed back into the classroom where Shauna #1 was very pleased with a response from Shauna #2.

And where we asked philosophical questions. Like Express or Banana Republic. 😉

Where we all laughed.

And also where we (very literally) cried.

(Thanks for not judging all of my tears you guys! We are just so passionate about this stuff and what we do!)

Like all the favorite teachers… we showed lots of movies.

And taught ballet lessons.

We’re all still waiting for Jordon to bust out his dance moves… but we can call this one the “lobster claw”.

We did hands on activities. And when those were done? We did some more. Because in the classroom- we help our students create customized action plans instead of a list of #allthethings with no idea how to get them all done.

Shauna showed off her online shopping skills. 🛍

And Jordon dropped some marketing budget and targeted ads truth bombs.

Together? We made a lot of really bad faces.

And left with incredibly full hearts and memories from all of our students.

The Cooney Classroom – Styled Session #2

We wrapped the day up with our Romantic Lace styled session, where Shauna, you guessed it, hid 👏🏻 those 👏🏻 clips 👏🏻!

Our students rocked this sunset styled session!


She told her best knock knock jokes to lighten the mood.

And then she made sure to secure the veil really well…. because…

The Classroom wouldn’t be complete without a signature #cooneycouple veil toss!

And while they behind the scenes looks like this…

The styled session? It look like this… 😏 👇🏻

Only we could be with a group of amazing photographers like the Fall Cooney Classroom Graduating Class of 2018, and be more concerned about the teaching and learning than about getting a pretty group photo on the beach! 😂

But it is with these amazing people, so beach or not, we love this photo and the people in it so incredibly much!

And we cannot forget about the amazing vendors who made this all come to life.


A special thank you to Angelina with The Apostolic Wife for bringing out visions to life, and to Cory with DJ Cory Barron & Co. for supplying our AV for the classroom. We are so thankful for the friendships we share with you, and feel so honored every time we refer a bride to you two. You truly are the best. 💕

Amazing Vendor Teams:

Classic Black Tie Styled Session:

Workshop | The Cooney Classroom by Shauna and Jordon Photography

Planning and Design | The Apostolic Wife

Hair and Makeup | Ashlee Ann Hair and Makeup

Florals | Sarah Rose Events

Rentals | The Apostolic Wife

Dress Boutique | The White Closet Bridal

Ring Boxes | The Mrs. Box

Invitation Suites | Copper Creative

Linens | Fancy That Linens

Chair Rentals | A Chair Affair


Romantic Lace Styled Session:

Workshop | The Cooney Classroom by Shauna and Jordon Photography

Planning and Design | The Apostolic Wife

Hair and Makeup | Ashlee Ann Hair and Makeup

Florals and Archway | Sarah Rose Events

Rentals | The Apostolic Wife

Dress Boutique | White Magnolia Bridal

Dress Designer | Lazaro Bridal

Ring Boxes | The Mrs. Box

Invitation Suites | Copper Creative

Linens | Fancy That Linens

Chair Rentals | A Chair Affair

Should we host another Cooney Classroom?

Though our Spring Schedule is insane, and we said we didn’t know when we would be doing another classroom (and the truth is… we don’t!), we are beginning to really consider hosting another Classroom.

Y’all… the pride and joy that we felt as we poured into these photographers is indescribable. Hearing them tell us how much the Classroom changed their business and lives…

we can’t replicate that outside of the Classroom.

So if you’d love to be a part of the next classroom if/when we host another one… be sure to sing up for out VIP list here. Tickets sold out in pre-sale for this last classroom, so be sure to sing up here so you get all the details (and ticket purchasing) first! We hope to see you there.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon




The Cooney Classroom | Fall 2018 | Clearwater, FL


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