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Cooney Couple Date Night | AR Workshop-Tampa



AR Workshop Date Night

This fall, Jordon and I were able to host a Cooney Couple Date Night at AR Workshop in Tampa, and you guys- it was literally so.much.fun! Why do a date night with our couples? Well, Jordon and I say it all the time- we do so much more than take pretty pictures. We believe that through our community of couples, we are able to help create lasting marriages. To help build strong marriages before they ever have a chance to fail. Because the reality of it is, even on our couples hardest days, when they walk by their canvas lined walls of their engagement and wedding photos… they will be reminded.

Reminded of the love and friendship that started this legacy that is so worth fighting for.

But we don’t just stop there. We want to do more. So that our couples have so many sources pointing to the success of their marriage, that they are destined for a lifelong marriage. So whether their marriage be strengthened through the reminder of their love in their wedding pictures, through our online community, or through fun date nights, we want to make sure that each and every one of our #CooneyCouples has such a massive arsenal of resources that they live their happiest life married to their best friend. (Plus we just absolutely love and appreciate every last one of our #cooneycouples and the legacy that they are all creating, and what better way to spend time with them than a date night?)

So bring on the craft beer and DIY crafts!

When we showed up to Meghan’s store, we were greeted with planks of wood, sanding blocks, nail guns, and wood glue, and the most amazing natural light for photos ever! Y’all… we had no idea we would begin getting as hands-on as we were at AR Workshop,

But we are so glad we did!

Because throughout the night, thanks to Meghan’s amazing guidance, we were able to hand-craft a custom sign to hang up in our home. One that Jordon and I built together, from scratch (or planks), while hanging out with some of our favorite #cooneycouples and drinking one of our favorite craft beers (Fat Tire).

Yes, our Fat Tire bottles even made the blog.

(You’ll have to ask us why New Belgium and Fat tire means so much to us next time you see us. ????)

We crafted our sign, drank delicious craft beer, laughed a lot, and watched our couples build wooden signs all while also building amazing memories together… and seriously… it was magical.

But to see for yourself, you’ll have to scroll through the images (and read along) the fun story.

Megan & Michael and Jade & Pierre… thank you so much for joining us. This date night ended up being so intimate, casual, and fun beyond words (seriously so many laughs… remember Michael and Pierre… happy wife happy life????). We are so thankful to have couples like you who make hanging out truly just a night of hanging out with friends. We can’t wait to see you all again at our next Cooney Couple date night and to create memories like these with you for years to come. ????


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

Enjoy the photos from our AR Workshop Date Night

Jade and Pierre looking adorable per usual. Seriously these two should be models! ????

We found out early on that Jordon and I picked basically the easiest sign ever. Which meant we got to finish first and enjoy our Fat Tires together sooner.  #winning ????

Megan and Michael were probably discussing their next drink choice… ???? Or questioning if picking a complicated design was such a good idea. ????

Carefully getting their design ready- if there was a moment to test a marriage this might be it. (Totally kidding- it was actually super fun and therapeutic! The real marital test was during painting. ????)

Our expert crafter teaching everyone how to make their signs absolute perfection! ????????

We think this officially makes Shauna a hand model. ???????? ????????‍♀️

Y’all- we are still super impressed with Jade and Pierre’s geographical knowledge… ???? Like- they knew details we didn’t know existed!  We (Shauna) might need to sign up for some tutoring lessons with them soon. ????

Jordon with his game face on… and can we just appreciate how adorable this “Paint Bar” is?!

Seriously look at the dedication on their faces! This project was no joke! (Like 3 different layers of stencil kind of work!) But it came out sooo good and we seriously admired their teamwork!

The benefit of having the easiest project? More time for some New Belgiums. ????

 Are you not all about trying to channel your inner Joanna and Chip Gaines? Meghan has you covered. She actually creates and sells customized designs, and they’re all so cute! ????

Typical Shauna- scrunchy nosed laughing. ???? (It’s a good thing we can pose our couples better than ourselves!)

And then there is Megan who is clearly an actual cute giggle-expert. ????????

Like we said… we had an easy project… which did not include nailing extra shovels onto our project. ???? (But wait until you see how cute Megan and Michel’s project is!!)

Gahh how cute is this?! We can already see their future babies tracking Christmas with their craft from our date night- cue the tears! ????

And you guys- this project was so complex! We were so proud of Jade and Pierre’s handy work and team-work! #cooneycouplegoals here!

Jordon grabbed a quick one of Shauna, and then….

We taught Jade a quick how-to for our camera so she could grab a quick picture. It may have took a few tries (it seriously isn’t as easy as it looks y’all!????)  but she did so good!

And then she became a trigger happy paparazzi and had us cracking up!

Look how amazing and complex these signs are!! ????

Seriously- we love our couples so much! ???? ????????

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon




Cooney Couple Date Night | AR Workshop-Tampa


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