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Our Cooneymoon | Bahama Cruise | Punta Cana



When we got married… we did one of the craziest things in our life. And no, that wasn’t planning a wedding in 6 months (though we did that too).

Nope. That wasn’t it.

It was getting married in the thick of wedding season. But you know why wedding season is busy? Because it is the best time of the year to get married (duh!) so when we planned out potential dates for our own wedding, we looked at our calendar like a jigsaw puzzle, found the perfect weekend for our wedding, and got married on a Friday in February (because a Friday meant more time with friends and family traveling in for the wedding.)

But that meant one thing…

That our honeymoon was going to have to wait. (Side note- if I could recommend one thing, it would be to do your honeymoon the week after your wedding! Spend time with friends and family for the weekend, and come Monday, take the time to go somewhere- just the two of you. The emotional high is something that cannot be explained or replicated, and I so wished  we could have gone on our honeymoon then… but back to my story!) With the craze of our wedding season happening, we knew we would likely need to wait until June or July for our honeymoon.

So we would have to wait.

But there was one very nice perk of waiting. Since we didn’t want to do nothing until our honeymoon, or as we call it… our #cooneymoon, we decided to do a smaller, a mini-cooneymoon if you will, before our big international getaway later this year. So essentially… we got two honeymoons.

First up… a Bahamian Cruise.

With a busy wedding schedule, we had just enough time to plan a weekend cruise getaway a month after our wedding, and it was so nice. I loved how we were still on our wedding high. We truly felt like we were freshly married, and spending the days together, on the boat and Bahama islands was just so completely perfect. To be honest…. we could have been visiting a garbage dump together and I think we would have loved every minute of it. We partied the night away in Freeport (because is there anything better to do there?) and then took a romantic catamaran cruise (complete with snorkeling in the coldest water known to man kind) on the island of Nassau. It was short, it wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was with each other and it was perfect.

And yes… for those of you wondering.. that was me (not-so-soberly) whining on our cruise because I wanted to save all of our towel animals throughout the trip… and they took my hippo! ???? That night was a really fun night actually… ????

Fast Forward to July.

When we planned our real honeymoon, we didn’t care where we went- we had just one request. We wanted a tropical, all-inclusive, one week vacation. We wanted to go somewhere, relax, spend time together, and not think one bit. (It had been a crazy wedding season with the most amazing couples ever y’all. It was a truly blessed year.) From floating in the pool (and doing our favorite past times of making friends with strangers and watching everyone around us) to drinking out of coconuts beachside, it was the most relaxing week we had all year. One of our favorite moments from the trip?

Our excursion.

A catamaran cruise snorkeling with stingrays and nurse sharks (are you noticing a trend here? We like to snorkel. ????) followed up with time on a sand bar enjoying Caribbean beverages, fun music, and just the most relaxing afternoon ever. It may have been the only time that we left our resort, but it was such an amazing experience. (Side note- I love stingrays and holding one was easily one of my favorite moments to date! ????) Ps- Jordon surprised me with this video as well… and can we admire how much he upped his home-video game from that first video to this second video?! Hubby’s got some skills y’all! (But we will stick to our day job I think ???? Photography is clearly our strong suite!) .. but you guys… the first time I watched it… I cried. And I did again the second time. And the third time… I think you get the point. So if you’re emotional like me… get your tissues ready.

Anyone else cry at the end of that video? Please comment below so I know it wasn’t just me. ???? #luckiestgirlalove


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon




Our Cooneymoon | Bahama Cruise | Punta Cana


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