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Becoming the Cooney’s | Part. 5 Our Proposal



Part 5 – Our Proposal

And then, it was August.

They got ready for dinner. A fun opportunity for the two of them to dress up. To spend some time alone together. To enjoy the tail end of a busy summer. A successful summer.

A summer filled with sessions, weddings, family vacations, adventuring new places, and falling in love more and more, little by little.

They boarded the ship, holding hands. The maître d walked them over to their table. They looked over the appetizers and dinner choices, ordered a bottle of wine, and looked at the beautiful landscapes as the boat drifted in the water.

Jordon suggested they go for a walk and tour the boat once they finished their meal. Shauna couldn’t help but to think…

This might be it.

Jordon and Shauna had been on a more casual version of this nightly cruise with her family earlier that year, so she knew that there was an upstairs deck where patrons could purchase “standing room only” tickets to enjoy the cruise without dinner. When they booked the cruise, she had though that maybe this might finally be the moment where he proposed, but then again, she had thought that many times before. 

But Jordon’s suggestion was just enough to give Shauna hope.

You see, Jordon always said that he wanted his proposal to involve family. And when he didn’t propose with his family in Wyoming, then it made perfect sense that he would have their family by standing room only tickets, have them surprise Shauna on the top deck, and BOOM- he would propose.

She had it figured out.

They made their orders, drank wine, and laughed the whole night throughout their courses. All the while, Shauna couldn’t help but wonder if her family was all waiting upstairs for the big moment. Jordon suggested they go on their walk. He grabbed her hand and they began to make their way to the stairs.

“Okay don’t get yourself all excited, Shauna. You’ve done that before and been wrong. Every time. So don’t expect anything. Nothing is probably going to happen” she thought.

They went up the tiny enclosed stairwell. Shauna led they way, step-by-step. She reached the top door and slowly began to open it, holding her breath.

In that moment she saw the balcony.

With no one she knew. Once again, her suspicions were off, and there was no proposal happening. Jordon, knowing none the less, took her hand, and they enjoyed the scenery as the sun set.

After exploring the rest of the boat, they returned to their seats, enjoyed the rest of their wine and desserts, and before they knew it, the boat had docked.

The cruise was over.

The crowd, as it usually does, all attempted to exit at once, and Jordon and Shauna waited in their seats for the masses to exit, as they usually do. They enjoyed each other’s company instead for a few minutes before Jordon suggested going upstairs for a bit while the crowd thinned out. It was typical of them to try and enjoy the moment instead of waiting in a huge line to exit, so without thought, they headed to the top deck.

They looked over the sides of the boat and had an odd discussion about the exhaust pipes on the boat (lets be honest, odd conversations are the norm). Shauna leaned over the side, watching the gas float from the pipe. Jordon behind her. He walked over the other side of the boat. Shauna assumed he was looking at the other exhaust, or if the crowd had cleared out yet. Jordon walked back over and put his arm around Shauna. They had been taking pictures all night on their Go-Pro, so Shauna prepped for another picture… and then, she heard their song…  Lovelier Than You by B.O.B.

So she turned around.

And what followed was a Canopy rooftop bar, two private cabanas, and a night filled with love, laughter, lots of tears, and celebrations with our closest friends and family.

What Shauna thought was Jordon looking at the crowd, was actually Jordon looking for their family, as he and Shauna’s sister arranged for them to quickly sneak on board once it had docked.

To see the full proposal, watch the video below.

To all of our friends and family for loving and trusting us all along, thank you. Thank you for making this night the most magical night ever. ????

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon

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Becoming the Cooney’s | Part. 5 Our Proposal


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