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Becoming the Cooney’s | Part 1. The Alliance



It’s no surprise that we’re suckers for a good love story.

Any of our #cooneycouples can tell that when we meet, we cannot wait to hear their story from how they met, to the proposal, all the way through to their wedding planning process. On the wedding day? Shauna almost always cries during the ceremony… because we truly believe in the power of the legacy that each love makes- no matter how imperfect it might sometimes seem… so hearing their stories sets our hearts on fire. But so often we get asked… “So what’s your love story?” So we are opening up and sharing our story with you all. Beginning to end. The Office style.

Part 1 – The Alliance

It was Fall of 2013 in a room of complete strangers. She smiled as she looked upon the faces of those around her. The people whom she would spend the next 9 months with. Her colleagues. The ones who would either make or break this new school that she was a part of. Shauna looked around at all of the faces… some slightly familiar, some completely new.

It is a unique experience getting to open a brand new school. So many challenges and opportunities- and there is something inexplicably exhilarating and terrifying about going to a hiring fair, with hundreds of other teachers- who are also interviewing for the same job as you. As each teacher introduced themselves to the crowd of eyes, staring at them, every so often, Shauna would see a face from the hiring fair. A girl she might have sat next to. A face she passed by after she had finished her interview (and been hired). But then, in a sea of women, she saw a face that she recognized. He stood up, and began to introduce himself. In a sea of women, she saw him.

He said his name was Jordon Cooney. Like George Clooney, but different.

(Remember that line. It might just make an appearance in our wedding vows)

She remembered seeing him at the hiring event. They had passed each other, briefly. Their eyes met, but just for a moment, and then life continued on. And then, there he was.

Being a single man, freshly moved to Florida from the Midwest, he couldn’t have been much more excited about the potential of finding someone tho share his life with in that sea of women. Dating is hard enough, but mix in a new job in a brand new state, where you don’t have your circuit of friends.. and it can seem nearly impossible. So as each teacher stood up to introduce themselves to the rest of the staff, Jordon slowly listened to each one’s story. And how she shared her summer with her “boyfriend/fiancé/husband”. One by one, Jordon’s optimism for finding love slowly.dwindled.away. 

As Jordon, in his incredible Jordon way, introduced himself, a soft giggle fell over the room. Shauna knew instantly- she needed to stay away from this “George Clooney” dub. You see, Shauna wasn’t on the market, so in good conscience, she planned to stay away from Jordon.

And that is (mostly) exactly what happened.

You see… the pre-planning week of 2013-2014 went on, and as Shauna prepared her classroom to teach third grade, well Jordon… he was your typical PE teacher (with a lack of classroom decorating skills). Though Shauna continued her plan to stay away from Jordon, he somehow accidentally found himself walking by her classroom the week before school began. He saw all of the decor in her classroom, and he stopped in his tracks. “Holy cow your room looks nice. I need to get on your level.” Shauna shared where she bought her materials with Jordon and he decided to take that suggestion, and headed off to try and get on Shauna’s decor level. (Hint- he bought two posters and called it a day. It’s safe to say he did not get on Shauna’s level!)

After that… they didn’t really speak again.

In fact… they probably only spoke two more times that year.  And they wouldn’t speak again for about 18 months. You see.. Shauna was a go-getter. She always has been. In that year, she went from teaching third grade to becoming a math instructional coach the next year. Half way through the year, she was promoted to a Dean at a school 45 miles away. 6 months later? Shauna was promoted again. This time? An Assistant Principal. Where? You guessed it. Back at Jordon’s school…

Psst! Anyone reading this figure out why this blog is titles “The Alliance”? If so, share why below in the comments! ☕

Up next… Part 2. Fun Run


All our love,

Shauna and Jordon




Becoming the Cooney’s | Part 1. The Alliance


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