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The Spring Cooney Classroom | Behind the Scenes | Lakeland, FL



The Cooney Classroom

Welcome to the Cooney Classroom.

You see, last year, we had an idea. The idea to share everything we know. To share the secrets that have helped us launch this amazing business from ground zero to full time in just 6 months flat. With not just any couples either. Couples who love and appreciate us. Who trust us to love and serve them. Couples who make a difference in this world. And couples who become our friends.

With #cooneycouples.

And then… the idea grew.

What if we did more than just host a “traditional workshop”? The kind where people talk at you all day. Where you leave with all this knowledge… but no idea on how to implement them. And as you think of all the things you need to do at the end of the day… you feel instantly overwhelmed as the anxiety of knowing you need to make changes, but not knowing what those changes are, or how to accomplish them begin to fill your chest.

What if we changed the game?

What if instead of a workshop… we hosted a classroom. Where instead of talking at business owners, we personally helped them create action plans. Where hands-on learning was the focus instead of non-stop listening. A place where we poured our hearts and passion into other photographers so they can make a difference in their clients’ lives. A classroom that was designed for small group, individualized instruction… because we know that each business and its needs are unique.

A classroom where friendships are made.

And not just any classroom.. a classroom help by two former teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience (from teaching inside the classroom to begin an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director). Teachers who are also leaders. A classroom held by two people who genuinely care about those who enter it.

The Cooney Classroom.

So last December, we hosted our Fall 2018 Cooney Classroom. And you guys… as we left that classroom, exhausted and worn, we just knew. We knew that we had just made drastic changes in not just these attendee’s businesses, but in the lives of their couples and clients.

So this April, we did it again.

We welcomed a handful of amazing business owners into our incredible our beautiful (yet kind of hot 😂) home state of Florida at the beautiful venue Haus 820. We laughed, we cried, and we left it all on the floor. And after two full days of non-stop learning, memory making, and answering #allthequestions. Because in the Cooney Classroom?

Nothing is left unanswered.

Even though that meant losing our voices and our exhaustion, at the end of the classroom, it is so worth it. Because of these faces, we know that the knowledge that we have to share… well… we know that it will completely change their businesses. Because the classroom is so much more than a workshop to toot our own horns.

The classroom is about changing lives and businesses.

So it is with great honor that we share the behind the scenes of our Spring 2019 classroom and the newest oh so amazing #CooneyClassroomGrads.


Day 1 began with swag bags for our attendees including some incredible gifts from our amazing sponsors. Special shoutout to Kiss Books for giving our attendees a jump start to their client experience by providing album sample swatches.

And then it continued with lots and lots of hands-on learning.

And apparently some modeling. courtesy of Jordon Cooney. (😏)

Attendees filled out their workbooks and collaborated on creating their ideal client profiles.

And in true Shauna and Jordon fashion, coffee was served. Special thank you to Cafe Ala Carte for providing the delicious espresso and lattes! 😍 (We are always our best selves when we are our caffeinated selves).

And then, at the end of day 1, it was time for the Styled Session. Angelina from The Apostolic Wife did such an incredible job planning and preparing each of the styled sessions to absolute perfection.

We were also joined by Kemari Lyn Films who helped to capture the true essence of the Cooney Classroom. (Y’all we cannot even wait to share this video with you!)

Attendees photographed the stunning details on the new Kiss Books styling mats. (Y’all- if you don’t have these in your life yet- trust us when we say that you need them in your life!)


Jordon being the amazing leading man for our #JordonLeeGrooms, and ensuring that every lift is picture perfect. 🙌🏻

And to say that Day 1 was perfection would be an understatement. So in true Shauna and Jordon fashion, we ended the day with a massive #CooneyCoupleSelfie! To see the final images from Day 1, click here! 

Day 2 began with lots of learning and information on how to find ideal clients as Jordon dropped some knowledge bombs about Facebook Ads Manager.

And apparently continued with dancing to the YMCA….

Shauna was on board with the dancing too.

And apparently a little bit of the bunny hop was next in the queue.


But the truth is… no Cooney Classroom would be complete without a sequence of awful candids curtsey of Shauna.

Queue the sequence….

Closed Eyes? Check.

Scrunchy Bunny Hop? Check.

But the worst of them all? Winner winner chicken dinner… 😂 👇🏻

Somehow our attendees still look at us with love and admiration like this 👇🏻, even thought we look like that. 👆🏻

Because at the end of the day, they know that we love them all so much. That sharing our knowledge with them means everything to us, so we can change their life’s. So they can book their ideal clients who will love working with them. Ideal clients who they will love.

And as Day 2 rounded out, it was time for the final styled session. Angelina, per usual, Brough absolute perfection.

And even though leading each group of the styled session, over and over, was absolutely exhausting… it was so worth it.

Because our styled sessions are unlike any other. Lead by us, we are able to ensure that every photographer gets the shots that they need. So that there is no fighting over shots, but instead collaboration and kindness so everyone can get the images they hope for.

So that they can elevate their businesses using these images with the knowledge that we give them.

Because there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our attendees. (Yep- even if that means setting their white balances for them and taking a test shot (inside of their harness with them) to make sure that their images are going to be perfection.

To see the final images from Day 2 (and y’all was it gorgeous!) Click Here! 

Or maybe it means a surprise cupcake for an attendee who chose to spend her birthday at our Cooney Classroom! (And of course Anna had they most adorable reaction ever!)

(It’s safe to say she was incredibly excited for her Sprinkles cupcake).

Because at the end of the day? It is all so worth it. Because it is all for them.

And y’all when they leave our classrooms saying things like this… how can we not want to keep doing this?


If being a #CooneyClassroomGrad sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, feel free to check out our Cooney Classroom website and join our VIP List here to be the first to learn about when tickets release!

Because the truth is? We just know that you, your business, your clients, and your family deserves it.


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon




The Spring Cooney Classroom | Behind the Scenes | Lakeland, FL


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