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This all inclusive, 43 page bundle is the entire experience that our Cooney Couples have received for years. And now? You can implement that same experience into your business for your clients— all while saving time using the timing, wording, timelines, and questionnaires that we use.

We can only imagine the hours we would have saved in our business (and how much faster we would have had raving client referrals) if we had this earlier in our business, and our goal is to do just that for you. 


The Complete 
Workflow Bundle

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In this workflow bundle, you will receive:
  ✓ The COMPLETE LIST of what emails we send.
  EXACTLY when to schedule each email.
  ✓ The EXACT WORDING that we use in each each email.
 ✓ TWO EDITABLE 8 hour wedding day timelines (8 Hours with a First Look and 8 Hours with No First Look) 
  ✓ Our ENTIRE pre-wedding questionnaire that we send to our couples (and an EDITABLE PDF version that you can begin using right away)

✓  Our bonus bundle of our ENTIRE inquiry workflow with the EXACT WORDING we use— from the first email send to each follow up email (and when to send them). 


About the Bundle

*Note - all digital purchases are final


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In this guide, we will walk you through the steps and questions that you should ask yourself so that you can officially answer the big question all on your own. We will outline the steps and information that you need to determine your “full time number”, along with a worksheet to help you calculate all of your numbers

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